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Crypto in Finance  #2: Time To Go Alternative? A Discussion on Alternative Credit, Cryptocurrency and Wine Investment

Posted by Plutux Team on Oct 3, 2018 4:01:11 PM

Date: TBC

Time: 6:15pm  - 8:45pm

Location: The American Club Hong Kong

The objective of this event:

    • Identifying popular alternative assets including; Alternative credits, crypto assets and fine wine investment
    • How to evaluate cryptocurrency projects
    • Jointly hosted by STI Financial Group who will share insights from an alternative investment angle

Plutux Labs is collaborating with STI Financial Group to present this event “Time To Go Alternative? A Disuccsion on Loan, Cryptocurrency, and Wine Investment” to provide an overview on alternative investments for private investors. Investment in alternative assets has evolved into a critical component of asset allocation in recent years with the growing popularity of crypto assets and fine wine investments. This event serves to provide essential information on the characteristics and challenges in identifying these popular alternative assets.

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Crypto in Finance #1: The Future of Asset Tokenization

Posted by Plutux Team on Sep 3, 2018 4:54:00 PM










Event Resources:

  1. Event Album

  2. Security Tokens and Real-Asset Tokenization by Ryan Rodenbaugh: See video

  3. The Future of Asset Tokenization — Panel Discussion: See video


(This is a past event)

This event is for professionals from financial institutions and crypto enthusiasts to learn how asset tokenization will transform a multitude of financial systems.

What is in store for tokenized assets in 2018? Will asset tokenization become the next big thing after bitcoin? To find out the answers to these questions and hear predictions from blockchain industry insiders, join us for a panel discussion "How Asset Tokenization Will Disrupt The Markets", proudly presented by Plutux Labs, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange.

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