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Blockchain to Revolutionize Art Industry!

Posted by Karen Zhu on Nov 6, 2018 6:22:21 PM

You perhaps have heard about the behavioral artistics news related to Banksy’s self-destruction art “Girl With Balloon” in Sotheby’s London auction. After the paint was hammered for 1 million  pound sterlings, it was shredded automatically by a remote control mechanism inserted by the artist Banksy himself. The price was as three times as that painting was expected to achieve and also a new record for Banksy. Later, Banksy posted the painting’s self-destruction video on his Instagram account quoted Picasso: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge”. From this piece of news, we are able to take a glimpse into the wild and creative minds of artists.

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How Secured is Plutux Exchange?

Posted by Plutux Team on Jul 18, 2018 12:57:00 PM



While many exchanges claim to offer industry best security protocols, their loose practices, lack of regulation and failure to adhere to KYC/AML requirements demonstrates they are not as serious about protecting clients as users would hope.

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